June 21, 2018

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December 10, 2017

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Reaching those views

October 25, 2017

Image by Joshua Resnick


When you are starting out as a photographer, it can be difficult to reach your target audience and maintain it. Creating a following is one of the most important ways to expand your reach as a photographer and make yourself known.


Engaging with your target audience is the quickest way to reach them. You must ‘insert yourself’ into the conversation that you want to be apart of. This means that you want to find topics, hashtags, articles and conversations about your area of focus, contribute to these discussions. Ask for opinions, relate it back to your work in a positive light. This will make you current and relevant in the area of photography you want to be in. This is particularly easy to do with social media and small businesses.


Below are 5 tips to help you grow your audience!


1. Take advantage of your social media!


Twitter & Facebook are wide reaching platforms -- this is a great way to engage and promote yourself as a business. Retweet, reply and comment on your favourite brands and artists. Engage your followers by asking a question or asking for feedback on your work. People love to be heard and want to be apart of your journey as a growing artist.


2. Research (aka creep your audience)


Utilize instagram & optimize your engagement/reach by making sure you tag your images appropriately. Comment on photos that you love by the type of followers you want. This means doing research! To ensure you are tagging your photos properly, search your favourite artists/brands and followers or subjects relevant to your style of photography and see how their photos have been tagged -- apply the tags to your images.


3. Engage - Engage - Engage


Engage with your target audience by searching for hashtags relevant to your genre of photography (ex. portraits) comment on these photos and ask them to give feedback on your images. Find ways of redirecting them to your profile.


4. Reach out to local vendors & small business owners


Another great way to get your work seen is to reach out to local vendors and small business owners. There are always small businesses looking for images to help promote themselves, whether it is for their website, print advertisements or social. By attaching your name to these types of brands, you allow yourself not only to reach your audience and grow your business, but also reach new audiences through the company and their channels. These companies may not always have the biggest budgets, but, photography is an industry built on experience. The more you have to show, the more people will choose to work with you.


5. Submit your photos E V E R Y W H E R E


It is also important to remember to submit your images to blogs, contests & online magazines. This will give you great exposure & ultimately help you to acquire your audience.


The key is to participate and find ways of integrating your name & work into a discussion. Be kind in your interactions & you will develop long lasting and positive relationships through your engagements. This will help you grow as a photographer, brand and business.



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