June 21, 2018

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December 10, 2017

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Visual Identity: How to Stay Consistent

November 1, 2017

Knowing how to maintain visual consistency when marketing yourself as a commercial photographer is invaluable. Audience and clients alike will be able to identify your style of photography and seek it out. But how do you develop a consistent visual identity? 


Whether you are new to photography or a seasoned pro - developing consistency in your imagery can be difficult. Below are 4 simple tricks to help keep you on track!   

1. Identify what you are passionate about


Identify the type of photography you are passionate about. Whether it is weddings, portraiture, landscapes or product, find what makes you excited to go and shoot! Choosing a singular genre of photography to focus on can help your online presence appear unified. It can also make it easier for potential clients to recognize your strength in this area of photography. 


Julia Kuzemnko Mckim is a Los Angeles based beauty photographer that has created a name for herself through her beauty photography. With a passion for beauty, make-up and skincare, this genre of photography is a natural fit. It has landed her clients such as Urban Decay, Glamglow and Neutrogena; all brands consistent with her genre of photography.   


Julia Kuzmenko Mckim


2. Are your images visually consistent? 


If you are struggling to tie yourself to one particular genre of photography, not to worry! You can apply visual consistency to your images by identifying common stylistic elements or themes.


As a photographer, you have the ability to apply visual colour themes or styles in your work. This can effect the tone or mood of your photography. It can also allow your images to compliment one another when seen in a gallery format. Your style of photography will be identified through visual elements instead of a particular genre. 

Martin Neuhof is a German photographer who is able to unify his images through velvety black tones and muted highlights. He employs the use of a darker, almost monochromatic, colour schemes in his images with subtle soft focuses, creating a romantic look and feel to his photographs. Whether they are cool or warm toned, a detail shot or a portrait, his photographs compliment one another through these visual elements. 



Martin Neuhof


3. Ensure your voice is consistent 


By focusing your efforts on an area of photography you are passionate about you will have more of a connection to your imagery and be able to speak about your work in a more personable tone. As much as you are a visual brand, the way you present yourself and engage with an audience will reflect your work. Always remember to engage with your community positively, and speak to the mood and vision of your imagery.

4. Take a step back


Professional photography is not entirely about the hardware. While it is important to have the right equipment, it is not essential to have the newest or most expensive gear. You can take beautiful photographs without the latest technology - don't forget to take a step back.


Think about the composition, tones and other visual elements of your work. Your photos will be better, more engaging and creative if it is something you are passionate about. Make sure to show visual consistency and always make sure to promote the stylistic elements that embrace all that is unique and wonderful about your particular style of photography!







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