June 21, 2018

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December 10, 2017

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We All Have to Start Somewhere

January 25, 2018


It’s Michele here! An Italian boy, 21, pizza lover. I am a physiotherapy student with a HUGE passion for photography.


I am often asked: 'Hey Michele, how did you begin to shoot?"


My journey with photography began with retouching my sister's RAW photos. I loved (and still love) to edit images, so it made sense to start editing my own photos. This felt a little backwards because typically you would learn photography before you learn to edit and retouch photographs. 


The first thing that I love about photography is the fact that you are freezing emotions in a digital file: see something you like? Push the trigger. Bam, got it. Now you have a file that contains all of the feelings you experienced and all of the things you saw during that moment and shoot. All you have to do to relive that moment is to look at your photograph.


The second thing I love about photography is portraits. I think every single person in this world is unique and everyone has the ability to express different feelings in front of the camera. I try not to shoot the same model every time because if you look closely, you can catch similar expressions on their face - even if the image has a completely different composition. I try to photograph different people for each of my shoots, reaching out to models, friends and even strangers, it doesn't matter. This gives me a great range of diverse photos, capturing different emotions in each image. 


I also think it is important to not overly compose your images. Models often ask me how they should pose or what they should do before we start shooting and I always tell them that they are free; to do whatever they want. Spontaneous shots are my favourite to capture and if you look at my work, you will notice that this is something I am particularly fond of. I love to improvise and I have found that this is something that helps the models come out of their shell. 


I own a Nikon D5100 and tend to shoot with fixed lenses - currently in love with my 35mm, 1.8 lens. It allows me to take great shots and my best advice would be to invest in one. I love this lens because it allows me to shoot with a wider angle than my 50mm lens and still get a beautiful result. I think it's perfect for my genre of portraits; I can focus the model and still let the observer see the background in the image, which is a fundamental element for me. My next piece of advice would be to play around with lightroom - adjust a few curves, play with the contrast and exposure and there you have it! You have made a beautiful image that you can look back on and love!



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