June 21, 2018

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December 10, 2017

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March 22, 2018



Photography has been a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings without words. I choose to capture images which provoke a sense of adrenaline, yet a slight serenity. Being able to visit a location that not many will ever have a chance to such as cranes, underground tunnels, and many other desolate locations, it portrays a sense of endearment to the gritty side of life.


The images I pursue speak to me in a way that helps me to understand life as a whole. I look for the mundane, the things people don’t really pay much attention to, and I turn them into priceless entities. My inspiration is mainly pulled from the situations I choose to put myself in, a sense of un-comfort so to speak. This has been the key to my drive and I only intend to fuel it more.


My photos mean more to me than a lot of things. They show me the places I’ve been and the hardships I went through to achieve that outlook. Artwork that I produce brings me feelings of euphoria and freedom. Everything is constantly evolving, so being able to document things as I go is really blissful. 


Photography has been such a highlight in my life for the last few years. It has taught me to appreciate, notice, and focus on things I normally never would have. The views that I have seen, and the faces I have met, all heavily influence the type of work I choose to put out.


There is so much life out there, not many of us will really see it, however, I believe photography can help bring that light to our eyes. I love being able to freeze a moment in time, letting just the photo itself speak to the viewer.


I started taking photos as just a fun hobby. I would capture moments of my friends & family, and really just anything else I saw appealing. Over time, I noticed that my photos became more and more refined, and had more substance to them.  


My recent project with 500px was awesome. It went along the lines of the type of photography I tend to stick with. The flexibility of scheduling made it super easy for me to get my tasks accomplished while also working on existing projects. I highly recommend anyone interested in participating with 500px Studio to give it a shot.



Instagram - @nickdandria

Website - nk-da.com





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