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June 21, 2018

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December 10, 2017

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On Set with Brilynn Ferguson

May 10, 2018

I’m a full time freelance photographer based in Toronto, Canada who specializes in shooting food and booze. I’d say I approach food from a bit of a different perspective than some food photographers because I actually went to culinary school and have worked as a cook in professional kitchens. I’ve always loved cooking and eating but I knew early on in my culinary career that being a professional chef wasn’t for me. By photographing food, I still get to be a part of that industry, but from a different angle. Now I get to visit lots of different restaurants and shoot all kinds of delicious food and drinks.

 As a photographer I think it’s important to make sure that you’re always shooting something that interests you, even if it’s just a personal project. A lot of photographers start out shooting because it’s a passion before a career and personal projects are a good way of keeping that passion fresh. Since 2014 I’ve been shooting a personal project called Industry Ink, (@IndustryInk on Instagram) it’s a documentation of people in the food and drink industry with tattoos and the stories behind why they have the tattoos they do. As that project has progressed, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy shooting portraits. So what began as a passion project has also led to me branching out into new types of photography.


I found working with 500px Studio to be an interesting experience because of the level of freedom they gave to me as a photographer. In general, most gigs have very specific expectations and involve reporting back to multiple people for approvals.  My experience with 500px Studio was the opposite of this. The increase in freedom also meant an increase in responsibility as all aspects of the shoot, from shopping for ingredients, preparing and styling and then shooting the food, were all up to me. It’s important to be organized for a shoot like this and plan everything in advance to help the shoot go smoothly. It’s not often the photographer is given this much leeway to run the shoot how they want to, that was probably what I liked most about this assignment and I look forward to shooting with 500px Studio again.


More of my work can be viewed on my website: http://brilynnferguson.com or on Instagram: @brilynnf

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