June 21, 2018

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December 10, 2017

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On Set with Zac Jolliffe

June 7, 2018

I’ve been taking photos since I found my dad’s Pentax film SLR in the basement when I was in highschool. He had used it in college in the 70’s and it had sat in a box since me and my brothers were wee ones. He showed me how to use it and it sparked something in me that’s never faded. My dad died suddenly a few years ago and this story has become so central to who I am today. He and I both had a flare for art (his art was words) and taking photos has become something that allows me to feel connected to him still. That’s the back story.


The other part to my journey in photography was when I started taking pictures of people. I did a lot of night photography in university; cityscapes, overexposed lights and skies, lights moving through photos, it’s how I learned my way around the camera. I was absolutely enthralled with making these kinds of pictures. It was later on that I decided to start photographing people. I was thinking initially that I wouldn’t be that into it. Turns out I was completely wrong. Spending time with people and capturing their interactions has become a passion and fascination.


I learned on film and you had to really like doing it to play around. Film and developing weren’t cheap and you couldn’t go and fire thousands of shots and just see what happened. You had to think about what you were trying do. I think that’s important when taking photos. When it comes to finding work – apprentice with someone if you’re looking for photo work in a specific industry (weddings, food, etc.). It’ll be enough to get you started and talking about it and talking to the right people. Family photography is also an accessible and relatively low stress way to get started.


I ended up doing a fair bit of work for 500px Studio and the work itself was fun. I was photographing food and wound up doing it in several dozen locations, each with different shooting conditions. Trying to generate a consistent look between shoots was a fun challenge. Occasionally I shot for a place that really knew how to make food that looked mind-blowingly good on camera. Those shoots were a lot of fun.

To see more of Zac's work check him out below!




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