June 21, 2018

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December 10, 2017

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Unique Perspectives with Andrew Addai

June 14, 2018

Hey readers!
Andrew Addai here aka @addai_i_am. To state the obvious (if you've seen my work) I am a street photography enthusiast! To state the not-so-obvious; my experiences growing up as an only child was my inspiration.

It's strange, but this is how my love for people watching and the environments we inhabit began.
I would often find myself doing things by myself, walking to school, shopping, watching movies - with little to distract me. I would get lost in thought and become very curious about people. I would
observe and learn things about society and relationships from an outsiders point of view. 

Doing this, I would often find myself privy to things no one else noticed; I'd catch a person tripping on a curb then looking around in embarrassment or someone sneakily stealing a glance at the objects of their a affection. What did it all mean? Why do we enter these buildings? Why are they designed  the way they are? I'd ask myself these questions on a daily basis. Sometimes I would find answers sometimes I would make them up. Either way it was an exciting personal game of discovery.

When I realized I could use photography to freeze these moments and present them from my unique perspective of the world, I fell in love with the pursuit. 

I walk around with my camera constantly, but I never shoot at random. I wait to be inspired and never hesitate when I do. If I could give anyone a single piece of advice, I would say: be daring and be interested in your world. At the essence of humanity, we are very similar; what distinguishes us the most are our perspectives! They cause division, or intrigue and make us human and provide unique perspectives other than our own. I love contributing to this compilation of perspectives which ultimately inspires me to shoot and share with as many people as I can - this is my passion.

My favourite tool to use is my Nikon D3400 DSLR. There's something enjoyable about the chunky click I feel when capturing an image, it's a satisfying confirmation. It's a brilliant camera in a variety of conditions, from low light to capturing moving subjects.

I love using the kit lens supplied with the camera: 18mm-55mm, it is a good range for beginners! You are quickly able to pull an image in or take a wide angle shot to capture the bigger picture. I spend a lot of time shooting with it and honing my skills. This has made me a better photographer. It helps me to focus on my craft rather than expensive equipment. I also love to use the super crisp Nikkor 50mm prime lens, primarily when I want to do portraits. It allows me to capture beautifully crisp images when standing in close proximity to my subject. It produces highly detailed images with gorgeous bokeh effects at the right aperture and should definitely be the next lens on your list to purchase!


Check out more of Andrew's work on instagram at @addai_i_am.


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