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June 21, 2018

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December 10, 2017

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June 21, 2018

My name is Anastasia Kor and I’m a photography lover from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

I like to create storylines and depict them through my imagery - inspired by subjects such as people, emotion, location, art and even music; my shoot REMINE is a perfect example of this.


The shoot REMINE was inspired by the Beyonce album Lemonade. I began by drawing a storyboard, which always helps me put my thoughts into action. It allows me to envision how the make-up should be done, how I will dress my models or even what location and props I want to include in the shoot.  




​It was interesting for me to portray the struggle that couples can have when one chooses to be unfaithful, there is a lot of anger and forgiveness that they must experience before they can reach a place of peace and love.  




This series is about a woman overcoming betrayal and the process of healing after that betrayal has occurred. Throughout this series we are provided insights into her journey, starting with her initial recognition of the breakdown of her relationship. Her underlying suspicions are confirmed when she ultimately discovers her partner has been unfaithful.


She goes through the motions of imagining what her partner is like with this new person and begins to confront her own issues with imperfection, jealousy and anger - secluding herself and dealing with the pain of her partners deception.


I heavily rely on symbolism throughout this series to help support the feelings of betrayal, isolation, loss and ultimately freedom and redemption. The series can be divided into two chapters; darkness and light. This addresses the evolution of the breakup and the ability to accept what has happened and grow from the experience. The wooden doll is symbolic of her attachment to her lover and her need to keep him close. As the series progresses, the dolls appearance in the images dwindle, and she lets go of the relationship.


I utilize smoke toward the middle and end of the series for a number of reasons. It signifies the toxicity of her relationship and the suffocating force it had on her physically and emotionally. The blue hue of the smoke provides a cool toned cast over the photographs, symbolic of the sorrow and isolation she feels.


The tone of the images shift toward a warmer, sun kissed glow at the end of the series which highlights her reimagined, positive outlook on life. She transforms her negative energy into something more constructive and positive which I have represented in the calla lily; a flower that represents femininity, peace and happiness.





Anastasia Kor.


instagram @koraphoto


Hair and Make-up


Julia Ilyina




Daria Mezrina

Vladimir Makarenko

Aleksandra Lyashkova




Maria Samoilova

Vladimir Makarenko


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