June 21, 2018

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Orange the World: End Violence against Women and Girls with Tobias Clarke

December 10, 2017

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Passion Vs. Purpose with Jason Hampden

July 19, 2018

If you were to define passion, what would you say? What would that look like to you? It can certainly pull at your heart strings when nothing else speaks to you in such a way. It can be something that challenges, motivates, and inspires you to the very core and completely change the way you see yourself and others. Passion can’t be placed into words, it’s felt which is often why our emotions can, at times, take the wheel.  Whether you are on the road to self discovery, a late bloomer like myself, or in between, don’t under value yourself.  I believe Commercial Fashion and Lifestyle photographer, Dixie Dixon said it best, “Don’t put off your passion, now is the time.” 


Finding purpose isn’t meant to be found overnight.  It takes constant soul searching, trial and error, road blocks, setbacks and then some. Which is why many tend to give up right before they discover those answers for themselves. I’ve been down this road many times, its not easy, however, once we find ourselves on the other side, there is no looking back. If we think of passion as the foundation then purpose is the stepping stone to a much larger picture. Finding your passion is a huge milestone in a world filled with distractions and misconceptions but purpose redirects our focus from ourselves and brings it back to the people. The very ones who we offer our work and services to in the first place.


John Wooden once said, “Ability may get you to the top but it takes character to keep you there”. Passion and Purpose operates the very same way. Passion can only get you so far, but if you don't have the skills, knowledge and understanding, it will be difficult to position yourself where you want to be and may miss out when opportunity comes knocking!


With that being said, What would you accomplish if you knew no one can stop you? I’ll leave that challenge for you! Once you find what your passionate about, don't stop there! Keep pushing your limits, never stop learning and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Surround yourselves with people who will only motivate and inspire you along your journey because we all have limited time on the beautiful planet and why waste what we have been given to something that doesn't give us purpose.


See more by Jason here:

Website: www.jhampphotography.com

Instagram: @jhamp_photography


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